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1917 World War 1 Registration Card for Papa Doug, He was denied as with many other African Americans during this era.



Registration card

This was the 10th United State Census ever done in the US It was 1880 Peter Kennedy was thirty years old His wife Joanna 26 years old and Papa Doug Kennedy was not born yet but his brothers and sister that were living in the house where Marcus 6 years old, Theopolous 5 years old, Bengamine was 3 old and Eilsiy 6 months old,  


10th Census 1880

12th Census Of the United States Newton Dale County 1900, papa Doug was 15 years old, Higgins 12, Laura 10, the rest of them moved out the house at this time 10 kids where born 8 was living it was 1900


12th Census1900

13th Census of the United states 1910 for who was Papa Doug 26 years old Married for 6 years to Laura Jones which was 25 years old she had 3 kids and 1living named Duet.   


13th Census 1910

13th Census of US 1910 for Peter Kennedy 54 years old wife Anna 47, Married 29 years, 5 children born 4 living, just Higgins 23 was king with them in the house     


13th Census 1910

15th Census of US, Year 1930 for Papa Doug Kennedy and 7 seven kids living with them and wife Laura 45. Larian 19 years old. Evelyn 16 year old, LeeAnn, 14th years old. Kathleen 12 years old, Higgins 9 years old, Marcus 7 years old, Jewell 2 years old.     


15th Census 1930



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