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The Pages that follows will included OUR past Roots, linking back to the Slave ships from Africa and the blood mixed during slavery and spilled during the Jim Crow's years.

These pages were designed and created by Brian Clark

Pass to Freedom
A historical document required to be in the possession of free Blacks prior to the Emancipation Proclamation.  A document from the past and a link to the African American in America.   Truly a missing page in American History.



Before The Kennedy Jones Beginnings :

Since the formation of the United States of America more than two hundred years ago, various stages in the growth and progress of the nation have been reflected in its historic documents. Included among such papers are, of course, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. In addition, the papers of great statesmen may properly be considered historically significant; indeed, these documents often give us a more human view of events and trends, personalities and attitudes, than do strictly political accounts. family records, church documents, municipal statistics, and even bills of sale also may reveal the human condition at a given time in history.

Prior to enacting the Emancipation Proclamation, it was essential for freed Blacks to verify that they were no longer SLAVES. A certificate was sometimes issued to former slaves for this purpose..a.."PASS TO FREEDOM."

The original Pass issued to Elizabeth Welb over 180 years ago is in the possession of Louise Allen, a direct descendant of Ms. Welb of Neuse River, North Carolina.

Absent documentation, freed Blacks felt the dark threat of slavery constantly hovering over them. Thus, ANY BLACK, regardless of status, reputation or length of residence in a community, might find themselves RETURNED TO SLAVERY. Liberated Blacks spoke in vain lacking any evidence of their FREEDOM. Just the word of a witness of the slaveholder no matter how flimsy, was all that was necessary to return a freed Black BACK TO SLAVERY.



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